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People find it pretty hard to believe that a smoker can quit smoking cigarettes without trying to
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 R. Michael Stone, author of The Unlearn Smoking Success System(TM)
R. Michael Stone, M.S.

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Dear Smoker:

I am not a salesman but I want to tell you about a wonderful opportunity for you to quit smoking. I am Michael Stone, M.S., a Counselor with 33 years experience. I grew up in a family of smokers. Of course, back in those days, over 44% of the population smoked and very few smokers even thought to quit smoking. I know I pleaded with my parents for years to quit smoking but they wouldn't listen to me. Perhaps your children have pleaded with you as well.  Perhaps you, just like my parents, don't see the damage smoking causes. With most of my family and their friends as smokers, I watched the damaging effects of smoking over the years. How their quality of life deteriorated and how they finally died way too soon.

After years of helping people individually to quit smoking cigarettes, a local medical clinic asked me if I could develop an economical, easy to follow program to help their patients quit smoking cigarettes.

 I gave this a great deal of thought. The procedures and techniques that I've used for years to help people quit smoking are second nature  to me but complex without an understanding of psychology. The challenge was to make a quit smoking program  that was powerful and complete and yet, so easy that someone who knew nothing of psychology or the mind could do it. It took a lot of effort but I did it. I took all the technical knowledge and processes turning them into an easy  to follow manual and six CDs bundled into an easy, do-it-yourself, quit smoking program. I hope you will take the time to read through this site and learn about it. It's called:


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